Closed Panel Timber frame

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Erasmus+ HOPE

The HOPEs (Happiness, Optimism, Positivity and Ethos in schools) Project, suggests that schools should not only focus on academic achievement but should also care for children’s well-being, ethos, and happiness.

EPA Green Enterprise Scheme

The EPA’s Green Enterprise: Innovation for a Circular Economy is an annual funding call to support innovators in Ireland to develop, demonstrate and implement circular economy approaches in their business models. It is managed through the EPA’s National Waste Prevention Programme and is co-funded by EPA Research.


The National Platform for Circular Manufacturing’s mission is to demystify, derisk, and deliver circular business model innovation by unlocking the value that resides in an Irish circular economy.

DAFM Wool Feasibility Study

One of the actions under the Programme for Government is to undertake a review of the potential demand in domestic and international markets for wool based products such as insulation and fertilisers. An amount of €100,000 has been committed to this project which is intended as a basis for a policy roadmap for the Irish wool industry.


The purpose of the WOODIGITAL project is to improve the digital skills – Industry 4.0 – of young Europeans (ages 18 to 35) working in the wood and furniture sector, through dual vocational training.